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A Personal Account of Getting Started and Working on a Super Yacht

A New Yacht Deckhand’s Guide to Courses and Certificates

What do you need to start in the yachting industry? YPI Crew placement agency will guide you on what you need to do to secure your first job as a deckhand Yachting has become a far more regulated industry over… Continue Reading →

From Office Job to Working on a Billionaires Yacht

Why did I escape? Prior to my escape I was in a successful job as a case manager, earning a good salary, but deep down I was not content. I found work in an office mundane, it lacked any excitement,… Continue Reading →

Dockwalking – My Personal Account

What is dock walking? Dock walking is the process of walking along a dock, approaching a yacht, speaking with the crew with the aim of securing; day work, permanent work or to leave them with your CV.   For me… Continue Reading →

My Decision Whether to Work on a Super Yacht or Not?

Deciding to Work on a Super Yacht? Prior to leaving England on that cold wet day in September and embarking on my new adventure I spent a year considering the idea of working on a super yacht. I even spent… Continue Reading →

My Fist 24 Hours Working on a Super Yacht (Part 2)

This is the second  part of a two part blog, detailing my experience of my first 24 hours working on a super yacht. I hope you find informative and provides a useful insight into life on a yacht. For more information about… Continue Reading →

My First Two Months Looking for Work on a Super Yacht

I have a sudden very early mid life crisis….I’m 28 years old, in a job that I do not enjoy, working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday looking at a computer screen and dealing with the delights of the medico-legal… Continue Reading →

Working as a Couple on a Super Yacht

Working as a Couple on a Super Yacht? This article was written in response to a question from someone who read my book. I hope it may be useful to some of you reading this now. Working on a yacht… Continue Reading →

Working on a Super Yacht in the Mediterranean

Working on a Super Yacht in the Mediterranean Personally this was my favourite season! Europe offers such a diverse cultural experience and incredible places to see. The cruising in the Mediterranean is beautiful with some incredible ports from the small… Continue Reading →

Working on a Super Yacht in the Caribbean

Working on a Super Yacht in the Caribbean The Caribbean is all you could image; beautiful sandy beaches, glorious clear blue warm seas and lovely weather and along with this the great cocktails and the sound of Bob Marley filling… Continue Reading →

Christmas on a Super Yacht

Christmas on a Super Yacht. I always found it difficult being away from home for Christmas. You are likely to be in a hot climate (Caribbean or Florida) and having grown up in England, experiencing Christmas in the heat for… Continue Reading →

The Best Bits of Working on a Super Yacht

The top three highlights of my time on a super yacht getting a job on a yacht My Top 3 Highs of Working on a Super Yacht 1)    Watching dolphins bow riding the yacht’s wake. Being out in the vastness… Continue Reading →

Fun Toys for Super Wealthy Yacht Owners

Not only is having the best looking and biggest yacht important in this industry, but having the best toys on board is also a very important factor with these yachts. Most yachts will have a comprehensive selection of wind-surfing and… Continue Reading →

The Worst Bits of Working on a Super Yacht

My Top Three Lows of Working on a Super Yacht. 1)    Christmas. I always found this a difficult time to be away from home and believe most crew would agree. One especially stands out… Christmas morning 2011 on a crossing… Continue Reading →

How Super Yachts Help the Economy

Super Yachts and the Economy Are Super Yachts Bad? I was at a social event recently when the conversation came around to my work in the super yacht world. Much to my surprise I was abruptly given the person’s view… Continue Reading →

Working as a Deck Hand

Day in the life of a deck hand The workload on a super yacht varies incredibly. The busiest times are in the preparation for guests’ arrival, when guests are on-board and preparing for a boat show or photo shoot. During… Continue Reading →

Great Video Portraying Working Life on a Yacht

What does it Cost to Run a Super Yacht

What does it cost to run a super yacht? The Cost of Running a Super Yacht Figures within the super yacht industry are hard to comprehend. Below is a guide that will give you an introduction into the world you… Continue Reading →

Working on a Super Yacht in the Pacific

Working on a Super Yacht in the Pacific This area is growing in popularity with super yachts as guests seek ever more exciting destinations to visit and a change from the more standard Caribbean and Mediterranean seasons. It provides an… Continue Reading →

Local Paper Article

  SAILING around the world on a multimillion-pound yacht may seem like an attractive career – and now a sailor from Truro has produced a guide to let people know how to get into the superyacht business. Ben Proctor ditched… Continue Reading →

Difference Between a Millionaire and a Billionaire

Understanding the Super Wealthy What is the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire?  I always found it difficult to comprehend the wealth of the owners and those chartering these yachts. Looking online I found some useful everyday comparisons which… Continue Reading →

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